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In addition to writing music for TV and film projects, I have arranged contemporary worship music for a local church - Riverside Church in Southwell, Notts. 

Although I've been involved with, and led the Riverside Band for more than 2 decades, it was particularly during COVID, when there were no in-person services, that we needed to produce worship music suitable for broadcast via Zoom. This presented a number of challenges, not least how to get good quality live content from remote musicians. However, what started off as a challenge quickly became both stimulating and rewarding as I got to work many times with 2 really good friends who also happen to outstanding musicians. I’m really grateful both of them for the hours of recording and editing.

Most of my female vocals were provided by the wonderful Beccy Burgess. Her beautifully clear voice lifts so many of the tracks and the harmonies she also provided make for some beautiful choir sections.

All the guitars – acoustic and electric – were recorded by the insanely talented Matt Wendels. The accuracy of his playing coupled with his amazing musicianship and creativity is at the heart of every song here.

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